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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Iris Twist Vase: progress report

A month ago I started working on a beaded vase inspired by this amazing painting of bearded irises by Vicky Mappin.
This first step was pulling the colours from the image to use in my design. I went to Beadfx and spent time comparing tubes of delicas to the picture on my ipad.

colour selection in progress
 In addition to the palette of purples I added silver, yellow and green. Here is the final selection.

Final palette at the start of the project
 With the colours selected and layed out in my working pattern I started at the bottom centre of the vase. 

completed bottom of vase
Once the bottom is done I started the long process of working up the sides of the vase. I continued the twist of the colours as I builded up the height .
Making progress

Getting ready to add more thread
When the sides are about double the current height I am going to start the do some decreasing to taper the vase.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and sisters. Hope you have a great day!!!

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