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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Designer Style Challenge Evolution

Yesterday I was able to pick up my custom framing of the print that was my primary source of inspiration for the Challenge.

It started with learning that irises are the flower for 25th anniversaries. Looking thru books at my local public library, I found this amazing image in The Botanical Palette. There were many of the pictures of the many other varieties of irises, but this is what I think of as the iconic look of an iris.
Bearded Iris by Vicky Mappin (from her website)
This image became my inspiration for the colours used in my beadwork project the Iris Twist Vase. Once I had started the project I decided to purchase a copy of the print from Vicky. It was a challenge as Vicky lives in the UK. But patience paid off I got my print in time to have it custom framed before my birthday!

Here are some images for the crafting of the beadwork project.

Collage of images from the creation of the Iris Twist Vase
For the paper arts project I was again inspired by the iris but I added a bigger splash of silver. Using metalic silver origami paper I crafted a paper vase. The finished  Hexagonal Triangle Vase holds hand crafted origami irises.
Finished Paper Arts Project
Now I just have to wait and see if I become a semi-finalist. Until then I have this amazing print to look at everyday.
Framed Print

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