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Friday, January 29, 2010

Beadwork - Crystal Elevation Bracelet

Having finished Elizabeth's Purple Tempest Box I decided that maybe I should try and tidy my beading area. I sorted thru the various little baskets that I use to keep projects in. In one of the lower baskets I came across an almost finished Rypan Designs bracelet.

crystal elevation bracelet

This is the Crystal Elevation Bracelet. It is all Swarovski crystals with a glass button closure. It was completely done (since the fall) except for finishing off the ends. I spent five minutes working the ends in and now I can wear my sparkles to work tomorrow.

I also came across my Smaug box and a number of other projects and beads purchased specifically for projects. I also have my TBS bag of beads project to figure out.

Beadwork - Purple Tempest II

Back in the summer I made a purple tempest box while I was at the cottage with my family. I gave it to my eldest niece, Lauren. Elizabeth, the youngest niece, what to have one exactly like it. I am not a fan of making repeating a project in the exact same colours. In this case making her a purple box was preferable to possibly being asked to make a pink box.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Beadwork - String Quartet necklace

One of the great things about making jewellry for friends and family is that you can make it to fit just right for the person. Of course this also means that you will occasionally will be ask to resize a piece. This is what happened with this piece. I made this a few years ago after taking a class with Melanie Potter. Just before the holidays I was asked to shorten the piece for my friend Susan. This meant totally remaking the piece. It was nice to do this project again as it combines Right Angle Weave and netting.

String quartet necklace

I have used 3 and 4 mm Swarovski pearsl and size 15 seed beads. Once I had shortened the necklace I took the remaining beads and created a bracelet inspired by the necklace.

Quartet Band Bracelet

The resized necklace and bracelet are back with their very happy owner!