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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blue Rondelle Zigzig Collar

Back in 2012 I made samples of a netted zigzag collar design from Maria Rypan. It had rondelles along the edge and within the zigzag.

I also made myself a purple version to wear to a gala presentation for the Creativ Festival Designer Challenge. I used rondelles along the edge but replaced the rondelles within the zigzag with 3mm fire polished crystals.
In 2013 Maria was preparing to have the design published in Beadwork Magazine Aug/Sep 2013. I did a test run of the instructions as they would appear in the magazine. I worked with beads that I had on hand and that I would like to wear once the piece was finished.  After a few repeats I wa able to ensure that the instructions were fine. I put the sample aside until the article was published. 

Once I had the magazine in hand I did a few more repeats of the design before figuring out that I was not going to have enough rondelles for the length I wanted to make. So it got put aside yet again. I was able to get more rondelle but did not finish the necklace right away.

My summer vacation challenge to finish up some of my UFOs and the upcoming Blue Fantasy Blog Hop that I am participating in got me thinking that I should finish it.

Come back again on Saturday September 6 to see the Blue Fantasy Blog Hop Reveal.

Happy Beading!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blue Fantasy Preview

Back at the beginning of the summer of signed up for yet another of Lisa Lodge's wonderful blog hop challenges. This one called to me as it was based on one of my favourite colours - Blue!

We each received a wonderful selection of blue beads along with plated metal beads and findings. The challenge create something wonderful. Here is the amazing mix of beads that arrived in my mailbox earlier in the summer.

I decided to start by looking in my stash on art beads know that I likely had some beads that could be the focal for a necklace or two.

The first I found was the lampwork bead with a number of different shades of blue. I am pairing with two of the various shades of blue in the kit from Lisa. I added accents beads from my stash.

I also found this wonderful soft blue bead. It works well with some of the seaglass and the brass beads.

Come back on Saturday September 6 to see the final reveal of these two pieces and and unique necklace combining chain and the seaglass beads.

Happy Beading!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Turquoise Drops Netted Collar

Here is another project that got buried on my beading table.

It started back in Febuary with some lovely turquoise beads that I purchased during a destash event host by Lisa Lodge on Facebook.

I wanted to make a netted collar with the drops along the bottom. I played with the colour of the seed bead, the accent crystals and the placement of the drops.
Size 8 seed beads with 3mm fire polished crystals and no picots

Same beads as above with the addition of a picot between the drops
Size 11 seed beads with 3mm fire polished crystals and picots
Comparison image
In the end I decided to use the size 8 gunmetal seed beads, 4 mm heliotrope Swarovski crystals and the turquoise drops. I did not have enough of the aqua fire polished crystals that I have used in the samples and I did not want to purchase anything else for this project.

I got the necklace started but once again it got put aside as I worked on other projects and challenges.

This only took an afternoon to finish. I used bead tips and silver tone findings to finish the piece.
Close up of necklace
Overall image
On to other unfinished projects.

Happy Beading!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Beaded DNA Jewel tone variation

I have made a variety of bead DNA bracelets, using seed beads and bugles, from Maria's pattern as samples for her booth. I have also made a necklace version using just seed beads.
Beaded DNA bracelet
In the spring when I last made samples for Maria I started a necklace version with metal goldtone 11s and three different jewel tone 8s. It looked like an enamaled spiral necklace. It got put aside with only a few inches done on it as I got distracted by other projects.

While I am on vacation for the next few weeks and decided that it might be a good idea to finish some of the project already started on my beading table. One of the first I came across was this Beaded DNA necklace. It took a couple of nights to get to the desired length. 

Then I had to find a goldtone closure to use. I don't usually work with goldtone so it is not something I have a great selection of. During the cleaning of my beading table I had found a ball and socket in a goldtone. It was the perfect closure for the necklace.

On to the next unfinished project.

Happy Beading!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ndebele Motif Cuffs

My friend and beading mentor, Maria Rypan, is getting ready to head over to Ukraine where she is presenting about international beading and teaching her Ndebele Motif Cuff. She needed some new samples in a few new colours to take with her.

I worked on them during this long weekend. It takes me about 90 minutes to complete a cuff.

Here is the cuff inspired by Trypillian colours.

 Here is the cuff inspired by the colours on the Ukrainian flag.

This last one is two shades of blues with a cream accent.

Once she is back in Toronto she will be teaching the cuff at Beadfx in September.

Happy Beading!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Carnival Blog Hop Reveal Day

It has been almost 6 months since I signed up for yet another of Lisa Lodge's blog hop challenges. I was sent a kit with a mix of crystals, sea glass and metal beads. The challenge create jewelry with a Summer Carnival theme.
Amazing selection of beads from Lisa
I had a plan for my project and everything was in a basket on my beading desk. The basket got moved and buried during the spring and early summer. As I was hopping for the Gemstone and Metal hop I saw the top image on a number of the other blogs and was reminded that I had signed up as well. So I had two weeks to make and photograph my project.

First my inspiration. Here is Toronto our big summer carnival is the Canadian National Exhibition (aka the CNE or the EX). Among my favourite parts of the EX is the International Building, to see products and crafts from around the world, and the Arts & Crafts Building, to see wonderful handcrafted products. I decided to make something inspired by a handcrafted necklace from another part of the world.

My inspiration necklace was a gift brought back from Ukraine by my friend and beading mentor, Maria Rypan. It uses to simple beaded bands and strands of strung beads.  This is made with various sized seed beads.

Inspiration layed out flat
Inspiration as it would be worn

For my version of this design I knew that I would have to use larger seed beads for the band. I used size 8 blue seed beads and size 6 silver tone metal beads. I beadwove 2 - 10 bands using diagonal weave. They are connected with 6 strands of beads from the kit and a mix of blue, yellow and silver tone beads.

Finished piece layed out flat

Finished piece as it would be worn
I like how my piece turned out. I did not use all the beads in my kit and will likely make some simple strung bracelets to go with the necklace.

Take some time to see was some of my fellow participates have created with their beads.

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Happy Beading!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop Reveal

It is finally here! Reveal day for the Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop.

Back in the spring I signed up for another of Lisa Lodge's challenging blog hops. This one combined gemstone and metal beads. I got a kit that include jasper beads, in various sizes and shapes, and silver tone beads and findings. 
Everything in the kit

Silver-tone beads and findings

Jasper beads
Early in June I posted about using beadweaving for one of the projects. Here is the completed necklace.
Netted Jasper Collar

I used some beautiful green seed beads that worked with the green in the jasper. I also used some silver seed beads for mesh point (they don't show in the photo). The basic technique for this netted collar are from Maria Rypan's Netting Primer.
Another view

Later in June I posted about another technique I was trying for this challenge.  Here is the completed bracelet.
Floral Jasper Charm Bracelet
Using my One-Step Looper I created all the dangles for the Floral Jasper Charm bracelet.

Continuing with my One-Step Looper I created some more dangles to hang on the chandelier earring findings. I have made them into pendants  by attaching them to the bails.

Floral Jasper Pendants

Of course I also made a simple bracelet by stringing an assortment of the beads on beading wire and using the pretty floral toggle.
Jasper Bracelet

Once again I loved doing this challenge that Lisa created for us.

Take some time to check out the other work by my fellow beaders.

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Happy Beading!