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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Repaired Necklace

Here is a favourite necklace that just fell apart the other day. I wear this piece at least once or twice a week. I am sure that I stress the beading wire by playing with the lampwork beads. I have restrung the piece using a heavier beading wire and it is as good as new. Hopefully I won't have to restring for at least a couple of years.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gothic Cross

This is a kit from Rypan Designs. I have had this kit for a number of years but not done it as I could not get my tension right for the cross using beading thread. Maria and I were talking about it as we were preparing for the upcoming TBS bead fair. I said that it might be easier with beading wire. That is what I did, using very fine Soft Touch by Soft Flex which you can knot. Once I had the finished cross I used beading thread to finish the piece.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Angels

Here are the rest of my angels. I changed out the crystal cube on some for a red cone. I added red lentil beads for halos.

Some of these will be going to the Corsage project.

Angel Earrings

I made these fun angel earrings using the angel wings I got at Dragon's Lair. Instead of using a bell or trumpet shaped bead for the body of the angel, I used a Swarovski cube drilled from corner  to corner. Some angels have pearl heads others have crystal heads. I like the pearl heads better as they are a little bit larger.

I am working on more, trying to add halo to the angels.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Fossil Trio

I started with the lampwork bead from Carole Tillman. I added the red fossil beads in 6 and 8 mm and some yellow resin discs. I used delicas as spacers between the red beads.

The third strand of red fossil beads, I purchased, were 12 mm. I have strung them with hemitite Swarovski bicones and a jet Swarovski donut.

The final piece in my trio combines elements of the other two. The necklaces can be wore individually or combined.

Of course it need a bracelet to complete to look.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ottawa Bead Purchases

Before we left Ottawa yesterday we did a tour of some bead stores. Our first stop was the new location of Canada Bead Supplies. I found some great beads and a kumihimo disk.

Beads from Canada Bead Supply

Our next stop was right next door to the just opened The Glass Shoppe Studio  owned by Grace Edwards. We saw the great setup for the lampwork studio where classes will take place. You will be able to watch a class through the window between the studio and Canada Bead Supply. I purchase one of Grace's lampwork beads that will go with the green beads I got a Canada Bead Supply.

Lampwork by Grace Edwards

Our last stop was McBead Creations. Having recently expanded there was a wide variety of bead to see. I found some bugles to use for snowflakes, pressed glass ovals for stringing, lentil beads and some seed beads. 

 McBead Creation purchases

After leaving McBead Creation Maria and I headed back home to Toronto. It was great to visit Ottawa and spend time with fellow beads, but it is good to be back home.

Here are some other bead purchases made during our time in Ottawa. From our Sunday dinner host, Carole Tillman, some great lampwork beads.

 Carole Tillman's lampwork

In addition I have bead purchase from our first day stop at Dragon's Lair Beads. Spacers, angel wings, delicas, seed beads and crystals.

beads from Dragon's Lair

I hope the create a number of projects using some of my purchase during the rest of my time off work.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ottawa - Days 4 & 5

Saturday in Ottawa was another grey and rainy day, which made it a great day to spend beading. Maria taught to classes for the Ottawa Bead Society. In the morning the class was for diagonal weave and swag necklaces. In the afternoon is was a variety of "V" necklaces, everything from the basic single "V" to the new Pearl Drops Crystal "V". Everyone had a wonderful time creating something new.

Maria assisting a student
Today dawned sunny and bright. Maria and I went to Sunday service at St. John the Baptist Shrine. The service was in Ukranian, so I did not understand it, but it was a beautiful church and service. We then setup for Maria's presentation about contemporary Ukranian beadwork. Over 40 people attended the presentation. They also had a chance to purchase a selection of Maria's kits, patterns and books.

Tomorrow before we head back to Toronto we are going to check out a few of the other bead stores in the Ottawa area.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ottawa - Day 3

It was a grey and rainy day today. We spent a few hours viewing the amazing collection at the National Gallery.

I was inspired by this painting by Lawren Harris. I am not sure what I am going to make using these colours. Maybe a box or a pendant.

We also stopped by the National Library and Archives. We spent some time looking at books about genealogy.

Tonight we setup for tomorrow's classes with the Ottawa Bead Society.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ottawa - Day 2

Today was spent at the Museum of Civilization. Here is a selection of the many wonderful things that we saw.

 The plaster sculpture "Spirit of Haida Gwaii" by Bill Reid

 Neckpiece with Raven design from the Tlingit

From the late 1800 a Sioux doll embellished with beads

 Pueblo coral and turquoise necklace 

Beads and needles

A hat embellished with shell in a display about the postmistress of Cavendish, Lucy Maud Montgomery's grandmother

A collage picture created with postage stamps

Tomorrow we are off the the National Gallery.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ottawa - Day 1

Maria and I have arrived in Ottawa. On our way into the city we stopped and visited Dragon's Lair Beads. Their store is bright and open. The classroom space has lots of natural light.

 Maria and the Dragon's Lair family

I of course could not leave without buying some beads. I purchased a faceted glass bead to use as a finial for my Smaug box. I also got a beautiful 27mm Swarovski rivoli to make into a bezeled pendant.

Tomorrow it is off to the Museum of Civilization which is across the street from our hotel

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Growing Bougainvillea

Here is my first of a small bunch of bougainvillea for a necklace designed by Kerrie Slade. This piece is in the April issue of Bead and Button. It is worked in my least favourite stitch, brick stitch. Once I got going it was not difficult to do, but I may not make as many of the flowers as suggested in the design.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bermuda Crown Jewel

I finally finished this crown jewel from Laura McCabe's book "Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovksi".


I always admired these jewels in Laura's ad in beading magazines. I purchased the book last year along with a number of Swarovski rivolis to make some crown jewels. I had difficulty with the bezeling. I am now more comfortable creating the bezel around the rivolis. I did have to undo a few as I was going along, but I love the finished piece.


I used Bermuda blue rivolis and 2XAB jet 3mm bicones.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bezeled Turquoise Pendant

My latest creation is a bezeled turquoise pendant. I had this beautiful turquoise pendant.


I decided that it would look better bezeled with some bronze coloured beads.


I just have to make the band to wear it on. I have tried a few different styles but have not been happy with them. Maybe the next will be better.