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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Creativ Festival

Here are some sample of that I made earlier this year for Rypan Designs. All of these beautiful designs are going to be available as kits at the Spring Creativ Festival. Rypan Designs is booth #372. Stop by to see these and other great designs, oh and say hello!

Textured Net with Icy Blue
Textured Net in Tangerine and Blue

Textured Net in Beautiful Lilac

Textured Net in Royal Blue
all images and designs are ©Rypan Designs

Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspiration sources

I am always amazed at what inspires artists, designers and crafters. I am going to try posting regularly about some of my current and past inspiration sources. Along with the pieces I created from them.

One of my current favourite places to go for an inspirational boast is the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). Here are a few recent pictures I took that are now in my inspiration folder.

From the Teck Galleries -

From the Asian galleries -

From the Art of Collecting exhibit -

Next Friday I will look at one of my inspirations and the piece that it inspired.

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flat pack origami

For the Paper Arts design of the Designer Style Challenge I am going to do some origami flowers and a vase.

I have made some in the past, including the table centers for a friend's wedding a number of years ago.

For the design I wanted an unusual vase design. Looking thru origami books I came across a book called Unit polyhedoron origami by Tomoko Fuse. It shows how to combine folded shapes to make 3-D objects.

Using triangles, hexagons and connectors I was able to make this.

Here is another view.

I made it with origami paper I already had, so this is not the final colour. I like the general shape of the base, but I am going to modify the height to make it more like a bowl.

Using paper I was able to get at the Paper Place, I am now playing with the colour and texture for the final piece. Smooth shiny silver accented with purple or a crumpled and textured silver accented with purple. Prototypes are in progress.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Designer Style Challenge

Twice a year for many years I have been attending or working at a booth at Creativ Festival (formerly Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival). When I first started to attend I was mostly doing counted cross stitch as my crafting past time.

I remember going to the show when it was down at the Automotive Building at the CNE. Some class rooms had amazing views of Lake Ontario. I met fellow crafts from an online group to share finds and treasures during a Saturday evening dinner.

I tried many different crafts and started many different projects. I also got to meet and learn from some of my favourite designers, cross stitch designers; Teresa Wentzler and Jennifer Aiken-Smith, beadwork and  jewellry designers; Maria Rypan, Marilyn Gardiner and Vicki Green.

This fall marks the 25th anniversary of the fall show. To celebrate they are having a Designer Style Challenge. I have decided to enter both the Beadwork and Jewellery Design and Paper Arts categories. I have found my inspiration for colours and designs in this amazing watercolour painting of irises.
I first saw this image in a book about botanical painting. I have since found it on the painter, Vicky Mappin's website. I love the shape and colour of these irises. I also discovered during my research that the iris is the flower for a 25th anniversary.

I have started my beaded vase based of the techniques learned from my many little beaded boxes. I am playing with designs and ideas for my paper arts project. I hope a trip on Friday to the Paper Place on Queen West will help with some of my ideas.