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Sunday, March 31, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - March Review

March is coming to an end and I hope that some April showers will bring May flowers. Here is a review of the ABC's of Creativity posts from March.

We started with Maria's post about Embroidery. There are images of many things including shirts, jackets and shoes.
Embroidered fabric shoes by Roger Vivier, France @ Bata Shoe Museum
Santee Dakota Northern Plains men's jacket, about 1870's @ Museum of Civilization

Then I did a post about Freeform. This is a form of beadwork which I find a challenge to do (I like order and pattern) but many amazing beadweavers create beautiful work. Here are two of my favourites.

Maria's Window on the Sonoran Desert using the 2006 TBS Bag of Beads
Susan Hood's Dragonfly Moon has a lampwork dragonfly encircled with freeform beading
Only 20 letters to go. So many more ways to spark your creativity.

Happy Beading

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party 7 - First Reveal

It is March 30, first reveal day of the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party. Here are all the first revealers. Join the party and bounce around to see the amazing creations of my fellow particiapants.

Come back next week when I will be revealing my creation using the soup that I got from my partner Cheryl. Update - our reveal have been changed to April 13 and the 3rd reveal will be on April 20.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Deco Pagoda & Tomcat Boxes

I recently posted about having finally made one of every box in Julia Pretl's book "Little Bead Boxes". Looking back over my blog tonight I realized that I had not posted about each of the last two boxes.

The Deco Pagoda has some interested design features. Each tier created by stepping in like doing the hem. The little roofs on each tier are added later in the beading of the box.

I changed the colours to blue & silver with red accents
The Tomcat box was the last box I needed to make from the book.

I have a few cat fans among friends and families, but I am allergic. So a beaded cat box works well in my house. Of course this box will likely make its way to the home of a cat fan.

I worked the box with the colours listed in the book. I may make more use colours to match my niece and nephew's cats in the future.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Poppy vase

Yesterday I almost gave up on finishing this project. I broke two needles and over a dozen beads trying to do the hem at the top. I have had similar issues with boxes before but never so many beads on one project. But I want to give this to a friend to put in her new (but small) office I could not drop it, so I plowed on. I did not totally work back everytime a bead broke as I have done in the past. I followed Julia's tip for replacing a broken bead in her book Little Bead Boxes.

This poppy vase is a pattern from Julia Pretl's website. I love the way that the lower section is shaped. It creates a very bowl like shape for that section of the vase. The gradual decreasing then give it a beautiful almost teardrop shape. I can see some idea for creating other vases or bowls in the future.

Going to start working on the Scarab box next. Its lid is shaped like a pryamid.

Have a great weekend and happy beading!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little Bead Boxes

Wow I have finally made at least one of every design in Julia Pretl's book Little Bead Boxes.

It started back in July of 2008 when Julia was teaching at Bead Junction in Toronto.
My very first box
Second box where I made it taller by repeating pattern
My variations of the triangle boxes in the book
My variations of the square boxes in the book
My variations of the pentagon boxes in the book
My variations of the hexagon boxes in the book
Here are some additional finished projects from patterns purchased on Julia's website.
Owl box with no lid, great for pens and pencils
Olive box with Swarovski crystal finial that look like an olive pit
Fir tree without the decorations for Christmas
I have truly enjoyed making the many boxes in the book. It came along in my beading life just when I was craving to make something more that jewellry.

Thanks Julia you have truly broaden my beading world.

Friday, March 1, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - February Review

Here is my monthly review of the ABC's of Creativity series that I am contibuting to on Rypan Designs' blog.

February covers C is Color and D is Design Decisions.

Maria's post about color gives you a little color theory and some amazing eye candy. My favourite is this amazing collaborative piece - The rainbow.

My post about design decision is about the what if question you may ask yourself during the creative process. Also includes eye candy (including my favourite bridal piece) and some design process pictures of two Rypan Designs kits.

This bridal necklace was created to meet the requested of the bride and our asking what if --- we used pearls instead.

Only 22 letters to go. So many more ways to spark your creativity.

Happy Beading