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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bead Crazy Week - Beading Teens

This is going to be a bead crazy week. It started last night with a beading program for teens at the library where I work. It continues later in the week with the Friendship Beading Retreat in Montreal where I will be teaching and running the bead bingo.

Last night I had 10 young ladies and 1 gentleman spend an hour making basic strung bracelets. Almost all of them make two bracelets. I had one speedy beader who made three.





  1. Hi Jo-Ann

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    This is a community for beading artists to showcase their work and interact with other artists. You can customise your own page and start a blog or link to your website, as long as no blatant commercial stuff. There is no charge.

    My wife Ann and I just want to provide a venue for artists, not manufacturers, to showcase their work.

    Anyway, if you are interested please have a look at

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  2. Thank Jeff! I have joined the Beader Showcase and I look forward to posting stuff there.