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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beadwork - Turquoise Paper Necklace

Turquoise Paper Necklace

Here is the first piece that I have made using the beads that I purchased at Bead Oasis. This necklace uses some of the Ugandan paper beads from Titan Beads. I added turquoise beads, silver disc spaces and white Swarovski crystals.

I tried different colour crystals and found that the white added just the right lightness to the piece.


  1. Very pretty necklace...I'm a huge fan of turquoise anything. I've never used the paper beads before they sound interesting...will have to check out the Titan Beads site!!


  2. Thanks! Titan has a great select of paper beads. I was lucky that they had brought so many different colours to the Oasis show. More designs to come.