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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beadwork - Purple Crystal Column


My first day at Creativ Festival is over. I started the day by help Maria start setting up her booth. In the afternoon I took my first class with Lisa Pavelka to make her crystal column. We used shades of purple crystals on a base form. Here is a closer picture.


This evening I took a cross-stitch class with Jennifer Aikman-Smith for her Castle Paper Ornament. It is a beautiful castle design stitched on perferated paper, folded into a 3-D ornament. I will post pictures when I finish it.


  1. Saw several people at the Festival wearing these - beautiful! I want a set for earrings!
    So do you start with a wire core and then do crystal "fringe" with fishing line around the wire?
    Sue Henry

  2. Sue, there is a metal mesh column core. I will bring one to show you at Bead Fair. See you Saturday!