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Friday, December 31, 2010

Flashback Friday - Twig Chip Cascade

The next step in the evolution of Maria Rypan Twig series came when she saw some great stone chips. Using the chips at the end of branch of the coral fringe change the look of the design. Here is my personal necklace using moonstone chips.
You will also notice that instead of simple bugle beads she included press glass rectanglar beads. They add to the presence of the piece. It is a much fuller and bigger piece.
I have since made a number of sample pieces, with different stone chips, for Maria to have on display in her booth and to photograph for kit covers. This piece has been on loan to Maria for a number of show and I just got it back this fall.


  1. Thought I recognized it! It's a great piece!. Timeless, Classic, Fun!!
    Happy beading,
    Best wishes for creativity and happiness in the New Year.