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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flat pack origami

For the Paper Arts design of the Designer Style Challenge I am going to do some origami flowers and a vase.

I have made some in the past, including the table centers for a friend's wedding a number of years ago.

For the design I wanted an unusual vase design. Looking thru origami books I came across a book called Unit polyhedoron origami by Tomoko Fuse. It shows how to combine folded shapes to make 3-D objects.

Using triangles, hexagons and connectors I was able to make this.

Here is another view.

I made it with origami paper I already had, so this is not the final colour. I like the general shape of the base, but I am going to modify the height to make it more like a bowl.

Using paper I was able to get at the Paper Place, I am now playing with the colour and texture for the final piece. Smooth shiny silver accented with purple or a crumpled and textured silver accented with purple. Prototypes are in progress.

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