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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ancient Inspiration

I love to work with some of the amazing lampwork beads created by local and international glasswork artists. The challenge that can arise is how to create a piece that showcases the lampwork but is wearable and stylish.

If there are enough beads in the set you can just add an accent and create a simple strung necklace like this piece.
Copper plated dragon necklace
Here I added the Swarovski crystals, copper rectangles and spacers to the lampwork. There were enough beads to make a complete necklace.

There are times thou when the set is smaller or you want to keep the beads as a centre focus. I was inspired by this ancient Greek necklet. I imagine that the ends could be connected to lengths of chain to create a full length neck piece.
Gold and blue glass paste, Cypro-Classical, 450-400 B.C. (ROM)
Here are few of my pieces using this design idea.
Circle around my heart
Owl Babies
Elizabeth's necklace
Aqua Dots
Blue Galaxy
Purple Galaxy

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