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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Side Project

As I was working on the complete teal "Rita" zigzagged rondelles that Maria had requested I ran out of the small rondelles. I will get more from her on Tuesday, so I have time to work on a side project for myself.

Having spend time working on the complete teal piece, I was in the zone with the pattern, so I decided that I would make my own colour variation. I had some great large rondelles from Silver Dawn Jewels, but no co-ordinating smaller ones. Searching thru my fire-polished drawer I found some 3mm clear crystals. I added silver and purple seed beads to round out the needed supplies.

Supplies laid out 

Once I got going I love the way it looks. The silver and purple are a great reference back to my pieces that I made for the Designer Style Challenge. This will be a great necklace to wear to the Gala on the Saturday on Creativ Festival.

Iris Zigzag in progress

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