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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A couple of green boxes

After all the purple in my last post I have some boxes from the other side of the colour wheel.

Using patterns purchased from Julia Pretl's website I did the Olive box and the Fir Tree box.

For the olive box I was able to use the colours listed on the pattern, muted greens and red. I finished it with a khaki Swarovski crystal.

The fir tree box is a pattern that Julia posted about on Facebook just before Christmas. As I did not have the exact colours listed on the pattern I decided to do it using beads I already. I thought that I had enough of each of my selections. I had about 2/3 of it done when of course I ran out of one colour. This past weekend I was able to get to a bead store to get the needed beads. I eagerly started finishing it on Saturday night. By Sunday morning I was worried that I might not have enough of one other colour. I finished with just 4 beads left in the tube. I also decided to not add any decorative finishing to my tree. It looks fabulous as a natural tree.

 I have a few more of Julia's patterns from her website so look for them of the coming months.

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