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Thursday, July 4, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - June review

With the year have over, here is my quick review of our June entries.

It started with K is Kits which I did. It includes this vintage Rypan Designs kit.

I also included some of my favourite kits and how I create my our person kits for project I want to do, like this. 

Later in the month Maria was scheduled to do L is Loomwork, but blogger was not making it easy for her. She sent me the information it posted the blog posting for her. I love the loomworked Kimono which was on display at Bead & Button show.

She also covered various styles of looms. My favourite Vyacheslav Kalejnikov, a Ukrainian beadwork artist, who makes his own looms for large scale projects. He uses whatever he can find to make his loom.

Maria will be teaching her loomwork series later in the fall at beadFX.

Happy Beading!!

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