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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Creating with Cabochons - Reveal Day

Back in July I signed up to participate in the Creating with Cahochons Challenge hosted by Sally Russick of Studio Sublime.

Back in June I had worked with a Swarovksi flatback crystal for Jean Power's Zinnia class.
back view, peyote bezel with addition of strip for wearablity
Addition of petals in progress

Finished Zinnia with two layers of petals
For my next project with cabochons I decided to do a project from the August issue of Bead & Button. Reverible Romance by Amy Kohn uses Lunasoft cabochons. I decided to use the designer's colour selections from one side of each of the two options.
Purple and Teal oval Lunasoft cabochons
You start this project by gluing the two cabochons together. You then create a right angle weave base for the woven bezel. Different colour beads are used for each side.

To hold the cabochons in place a web of overlapping segments of beads is worked off of the RAW base. Once you have done this on both sides you work the crystal embellishment around the outer edge. Different colour crystals enhance the cabochon on each side.

Ths pendant is finished with a bail of peyote.
Teal Side
Purple Side
The challenge was getting the woven segments in place and the right length. Looking at the images of the finished pendant I can see the thread showing in the bezel.

I had purchased two more Lunasoft cahochons to make a second pedant in my own colour selection. I used a red and a soft grey cabochon for this one. For the right angle weave base I used the same colour (silver) for both sides. The woven bezel and crystal embellishment are in a different colour on each side.

I also decide to have this pendant hang from the short end of the pedant.
Red Side
Soft Grey Side
I have been wearing the grey/red pendant recent and recieved many compliments.

Hop around see what others have created - 

Our Host:  Sally Russick
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I look forward to see what everyone else has created.

Happy Beading!


  1. Very pretty, indeed!! I love the reversible option of that pendant, and your seed bead color choices are perfect! I would wear the "purple side" pendant often, especially in the Fall. Just lovely!

    1. Thanks Patti! I love wearing the red and silver one currently.

  2. I can just imagine how much fun a class with Jean Power would be! That shimmery zinnia is very dramatic - it would be fantastic as a brooch, or pinned on a handbag. Would love the red/gray reversible pendant, strung on a simple cord or chain.

    1. Jean's class was fantastic. I plan to wear the zinnia pinned to my grey winter coat. I have been wearing the red/gray on a silver chain. I sometimes switch it around during the day.

  3. WOW. The colors are so vibrant and your work is delicate and beautiful.
    Lovely pieces.

  4. Really lovely creations with your Cabs

  5. The pendants all turned out great! I'm inspired to make one similar to yours.

  6. Very pretty! I love the zinnia one, and the way you framed the other cabs is so pretty!

  7. The back is as gorgeous as the front! The double sided teal/purple is stunning!


  8. Whoa. Stunning work. I really like the teal/purple. your use of color is wonderful.

  9. Awesome pendants! Beautiful bead work.

  10. made a lot of pieces...great colors and bead work! I really like your Zinnia pendent too... :-)

  11. All very nice pieces. The zinnia is amazing, and the double sided cab pendant so clever. I think this will encourage me to try out some magazine or book projects.

  12. Reversible!! How clever. You really did a good job with the designs!

  13. what beautiful beadwork! stunning cabs!!

  14. Stunning beadwork Jo-Ann!! Such a GORGEOUS mix of colors and the beadwork, FANTASTIC!! I'm just sitting here admiring the Zinnia piece, beautiful, beatuiful!

    Thank you so much for jumping in and participating in the challenge!

  15. Wow - you were really inspired for this challenge. Love the zinnia - will need to check that out. And love your color combinations with the lunasoft cabs. Really great creations!

  16. YOu do such gorgeous bead work! Beautiful!

  17. What a challenging project you took on: a reversible pendant and you did it twice. Amazing!

  18. Jo-Ann all of your bezels are wonderful. I bought some of the lunasoft cabs last weekend.

  19. What a collection of wonderful pieces you made. They are all stunning pieces of artwork. Great job!

  20. I love these reversable bezels you've made! Gorgeous pieces...

  21. Wow. Wow! WOW!!! These are some incredible pieces of beadwork. The last one being in the colors of my husband's favorite sports team makes me lean toward it as favorite, but the first one is stunning. I love the back of it too. The blue and purple one has fantastic colors and I wouldn't worry about the strings. I had to look hard to find one, and since I'm sure it's not the size of my computer screen I'd never be able to see it in real life.

  22. Oh, beautiful - such a great idea! I love the Lunasoft cabs and this is such an amazing way to showcase them! Wonderful!

  23. Beautiful beadwork, I love the way your have embellished your cabs and the strip across the back is a very clever idea. :)

  24. Wow, you make me feel like a slacker. All three pieces are dynamite. I especially like reversible pendants. I never even thought of gluing two cabs together *smacks head* what a wonderful idea. I took a look through your beaded boxes. I love the way you use beads for "feet". As a seed beader I admire the disciplined nature of your work. The humble little bead has such versatility, doesn't it? I'm also doing the Forest Hop. I'm at the point where I'm totally flummoxed (what a great word) with my bead mix. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  25. Hi Jo-Ann,

    I love the Zinnia piece it is gorgeous! I thought about doing the reversable cab pendant and I love the two of yours, I still may have to give this one a try.

  26. I love all of your cabs. My favorite is your own color design in the red and gray. Stunning.

  27. great bead works Jo-Ann..!
    and great designs too..all pieces are beautiful..! :)

  28. The Zinnnia piece is stunning! And I like the idea of reversible pendant, I really like the red and silver one, no wonder it received so many compliments, it is beautiful.

  29. Sorry I am so late getting to this blog hop. A beader's masterpiece, each one. Just wonderful.

  30. You have been busy this summer. I absolutely love the flower petal effect around the sparkling cab. Beautiful beadwork.

  31. Your bead work is gorgeous. As a beginner, I am in awe.

  32. I too am a beginner so I am in awe also. But my goal for next year is to really work on my bead stitching. I have so many ideas....Love the reversible set in the pink and purple, purple is my fav color! Great Job! Thanks for sharing.