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Monday, May 11, 2009

Beadwork - Midnight Pearls


Aren't these Swarovski pearls beautiful. They are 6mm midnight blue pearls. I could not decide what to do with them.

I decided to go simple. I have strung 150 with a size 15 seed bead between each so that it looks like they are knotted. I used very fine Soft Touch by SoftFlex. It is so fine and flexible that you can knot it. I tied the ends together to create one long, continuous necklace.


It can be worn in a variety of different ways.

As long single strand tied in a knot.

Or as a double strand.Photobucket


  1. It's beautiful, may I feature it on my blog later today with a link to your blog?

  2. I didn't get around to it today....but I think it is such a nice design, simple and easy. I had to share it!

    Thanks for using our products! :)