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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Briolette Earrings

On Saturday January 22 I was helping Maria with her classes at Bead Rock, a bead store in Ajax. Of course I could not resist looking about and I found these great blue goldstone briolettes. I also got two stands of fire polished rondelles.

I played around with a few ideas, but was inspired by instructions I saw on how to wire wrap a briolette. I decided to try a few with the plan to use them in a necklace. The necklace design is still a work in process. I decided to make a few sets of earrings.
With just briolettes
With Swarovski crystals accents
The success of these earrings had me digging in my gem and mineral drawer to see what other briolettes I had. I found a strand of moss agate briolettes. There was a mix of colours from a moss green to a pale gray.
Moss green stones with Swarovski crystal accents
Pale gray stones with purple Swarovski crystal accents
I am getting better at wire wrapping. I hope to find just the right chain style to make my original necklace idea work soon.

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