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Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday - Gothic drapes

This is a variation of Rypan Designs  single drape Gothic necklace. My friend Anna came up with the idea to use Swarovski pearls instead of the original fire polished beads. I made up the necklace as I can almost make any of the gothic drapes in an evening.

I was reminded of this project as I was making up a new sample of a three drape gothic for Maria to use in her booth at upcoming shows. The new sample used Swarovski cubes and rounds. Here it is on the kit cover.
Here is an older display board with the various gothic necklaces.
I like the versatility of the gothic design. You can use larger crystals, different shapes and of course make it the perfect length.

Here is the Crystal Rhapsody that I did back at the fall 2008 Creativ Festival. It is made with all Swarovski crystals. It sparkles like crazy and is fun to wear.

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