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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Iris Twist Vase - second progress report

I am at a stand still with my Iris inspired vase. In the past I have been stalled on projects by a shortage of beads. This time I made sure I purchased more that enough beads, but I have run out of my stitching material, Fireline.

Fireline is acutally a fishing line that is strong by still thread like. I have been to a number of sporting goods stores but have not been able to get the weight and colour that I need. I am hoping to make it up to the Bass Pro store in Vaughan, which I know will have it.

Here are few pictures of the vase as it is waiting for more Fireline!!


  1. Wow, a very great work.



  2. Thanks Andrea, I am hoping to finish it this weekend. I have found some fireline!