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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Iris Twist Vase

I have finally finished my Iris Twist Vase for the Creativ Festival Designer Style Challenge.

I just need to select 3 photos to enter as well as prepare the written part of the entry (which might be harder than the beadwork).

Once that is done it will be time to finish my paper arts project for the challenge. I have the vase components made but not assembled. I also have to make and arrange origami irises. I think a movie marathon/flower making session might be in order this weekend. Should I watch LotR or HP?


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  2. Who knew beads could twist??? Ahh..., they can with a little persuasion from a master bead artist! Good luck!

  3. Thanks Maria!! Pictures and artisan statement have been sent it. Now I just have to wait.