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Friday, July 6, 2012

Silver Paper Vase

This is not a beading project, but it does go with my recent Iris Twist Vase. I just sent in my artisan statement and pictures for my Beadwork entry in the Creativ Festival's Designer Style Challenge. Now it is time to finish my project for my Paper Arts entry.

I decided to continue with my vase and iris theme, only now it will be with origami. I have finished the vase, which is made with a combination of triangles, hexagrams and connectors.
Vase Components
This design is a variation of a Regular Hexagonal Flat Unit in Tomoko Fuse's book Unit Polyhedron Origami. I inverted the top section to make the vase a short, shallow vessel. This type of origami is like flat pack furniture. You need to connect to component in the correct place and in the correct order. And the instructions include pictures.

Silver Paper Vase with purple accents
Looking to the vase
Now that the vase is done, I need to work on the origami iris flowers that I want to make and arrange in it. The ones I made last weekend did not come out as I had hoped. 

Going to try some different papers to see which creates the flowers that I want.

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