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Monday, July 30, 2012

Reversible ZigZag Cuff

I picked up the recent Bead & Button special issue Beading Basics Peyote Stitch. There are some interesting projects in it, including a reversible zigzag cuff.

I decided to take what I needed to start it to last week's Beading in the park. A looming summer storm threatened the gathering but I went anyways. Maria and I were the only ones who braved the threat. We each were able to work on our  projects.

I started the cuff, which uses a flattened tubular peyote stitch. It took a couple of restarts to get it working correctly. Here is what I got done that evening and over the next couple of evenings.

one side with silver and green
other side with copper and purple
I hope to have it finished before the next meetup in August.


  1. Hi Jo-Ann,
    Glad to see what a great job you are doing on the cuff I had published in Bead and Button.The start up is a little tricky but plain sailing there after,hope you were pleased with your results and make lots of them.
    Happy Beading
    Susan Harle

    1. oh my gosh, you're the one who designed that? I absolutely love it! alas, I cannot find it, to buy the instructions. I have a lot of Bead and Button magazines, but when I click on that link up there maybe you could direct me to where I might buy a copy? it's driving me crazy, I've seen it before, and am amazed at the complexity it looks like it takes. you are brilliant. ;)
      thank you Susan. when I click on Jo-Annes link to B & B's special issue Beading Basics Peyote Stitch, it says it can't find it. I had been hoping to be able to purchase it. Cheers, and keep on beading, er, being amazing! ♥ Blessings

    2. I'm soo sorry for calling you Susan. i'ma dork. I have no idea what I was thinking..i must need new glasses. ;) sowwies Jo-Ann!!