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Friday, March 15, 2013

Poppy vase

Yesterday I almost gave up on finishing this project. I broke two needles and over a dozen beads trying to do the hem at the top. I have had similar issues with boxes before but never so many beads on one project. But I want to give this to a friend to put in her new (but small) office I could not drop it, so I plowed on. I did not totally work back everytime a bead broke as I have done in the past. I followed Julia's tip for replacing a broken bead in her book Little Bead Boxes.

This poppy vase is a pattern from Julia Pretl's website. I love the way that the lower section is shaped. It creates a very bowl like shape for that section of the vase. The gradual decreasing then give it a beautiful almost teardrop shape. I can see some idea for creating other vases or bowls in the future.

Going to start working on the Scarab box next. Its lid is shaped like a pryamid.

Have a great weekend and happy beading!!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool. Love the sideways top view where you see the poppies in and out of the vase. Congratulations!