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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finishing works in progress

I realized that I had many unfinished projects sitting in various baskets, zip bags and drawers. It is time to work on getting some of them finished before starting anything new.

Here is the owl box that I posted about in October. I originally had just done the body without the lid.
Maria suggested that it would better with its lid. So here is the lid. I decided to use one of the lampwork headpin by Cheryl Brown that was leftover from the most recent bead soup as the finial.

One of the other patterns that I had purchased from Julia's website was the Scarab. I loved that the lid was where the amazing scarab pattern was stitched.
So this time I did the lid first. I had it finished about 6 weeks ago. I then started on the base, but it got put aside as I was distracted by other things.
I finally finished the base on the weekend as I dealt with a rare summer cold.

Now I have two less projects to complete. What will I do next??