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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Leading to Reading & Beading

During the school year I volunteer with the Toronto Public Library's Leading to Reading program.
Last night was the last session for this school year.

My young student, Farida, had asked to do something fun. When I suggested beading as a project for our last session she was very excited.

First we did some work on her spelling. Once at was done I pulled out all that I had for us to create with. She loved all the colours, shapes and sparkle.

She decided to make a necklace for her sister and a bracelet for her mother.

The necklace had no specific pattern. It was her selecting everything she liked. I did try to get her to think about pattern and design.

After seeing what I did with the bracelet that I made, Farida put a bit more thought into her bracelet.
She created a pattern, but was worried she did not have enough of one specific type of bead. I showed her how to mirror her pattern around a focal.
Farida's necklace and bracelet

My bracelet
Farida took home her creations, my bracelet was given to Stephanie, she runs the program at Richview.

Thanks Stephanie & Farida for a fun year! Have a fabulous summer!

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