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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Owl Puppet

In addition to my beading I also love doing paper crafts. Remember last year's origami vase and flowers.

Many of my paper craft project are for children's programs at the library. Today for preschool we had an owl themed storytime. I found pictures of this craft idea on Pinterest but there was no link to specific instructions.

So here is how the preschoolers and I made this fun owl puppet.
My sample puppet

Paper bag
2 Paper muffin tin liners
black paper - cut into a triangle and 2 circle, with a wedge cutout
brown paper - cut into 2 oval, one of which you cut in half
Crayons or markers
glue stick


Glue black circles into the muffin liners. 

Glue triangle and muffin liners to paper bag.
Glue oval to front of paper bag. Add feather markings to brown oval for the owl chest.

Glue 2 oval halves to back of paper bag so they stick out like wings.

Here is the parliament of owls created by some of the preschoolers at storytime today.

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Great puppets. These owls have personality. Very fun!

  2. Oh, adorable! My preschool granddaughters will LOVE this! Thank you :)

    1. The preschoolers at my storytime loved this project. Have fun!!