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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Monster Card

Here a fun Valentine's Day craft that I did with the preschoolers on Tuesday. Using two different sized hearts in two different colours we made a monster.
2 mid-sized hearts, 4 small hearts, 4 strips crimped for limbs and 2 goggly eyes
 Glue the two mid-sized hearts together to form the body of your monster.

Monster body
Attached limbs with hands and feet. Glue on eyes. Draw on nose and mouth.
Monster in progress
I printed a smiple card on card stock paper. Folded in half with message on the inside. Glue monster to front of card.
Finished outside of card
When the preschoolers did the craft on Tuesday, many of them glued the monster together right on to the card.

Here is the inside of the card which the children were able to colour the lettering any way they would like.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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