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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party #8 - testing a design idea

Last night I decided to start working on ideas for my Bead Soup project. I wanted to see how kumihimo would look with the cube beads that Deborah sent me.
I used some blue conso thread, bronze lined aqua beads (8's) and the cubes. I attached the thread to my small scissors using a half hitch. A small segment of braiding with just the thread helps to secure the braid.

Braiding with the cubes is difficult to start but once I had it going it was easier.

This sample use 15 cubes on each of four threads and 15 seed beads on each of the remaining four threads.

I ended by braiding again with just the thread and an overhand knot.

Going forward with my design I think that I will try using larger seed beads and do a section of braiding with just the seed beads before braiding with the cubes.

More design testing to come.

Happy Beading!

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