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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Clay and Metal Blog Hop

It is time again for another of Lisa Lodge's blog hops. I signed up for this one at the end of the summer. The kits contained either clay or metal artisan made components by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson aka Metapolies.

My kit contained these brightly coloured clay birds.

This was challenge for me as this is not a colour palette or style that I normally work with.  I played with a few ideas but nothing was coming together is a way that I liked. 

So I fell back to the easiest and simplest idea for a pair of matching components, I made earrings. 

Sorry I did not create something more elaborate for this challenge. 

Take some time to hop around and see what the other beaders, listed below, created with their kit.
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Happy Beading!


  1. Sometimes elaborate is not necessary. I think you did a wonderful job! You tried out ideas even though it was not a preferred color palette and did not just give up when nothing was coming together.

  2. Lovely earrings, simple is the best!

  3. Jo-Ann, Kari took the words right out my mouth! Sometimes you just don't need to add a lot of extras! Your use of the jump rings added a bit of length and all the trimmings that was necessary. I've done the same thing at times. Sometimes all you need is a couple of jump rings to make the beads into your own style statement! Thanks for taking part!

  4. I agree. Simple can be a winner as in this case. The earrings are adorable!

  5. Jewelry does not need to be elaborate to be pretty.

  6. They are awful cute though even if they are simple

  7. The beads had so many bright colors that they called for a simple setting. Great job!

  8. I enjoy simple, classic designs. I would wear these earrings a lot, Jo-Ann. Thanks for being in the hop!

  9. The little clay birds are very sweet and I think going simple and letting the colors on the charms shine was the best way to go. They are very pretty!

  10. I think the earrings show off the little birds nicely. It' hard sometimes to think of something besides earrings when you have two matched charms :-)

  11. Like your simple approach. The addition of the jump rings was the perfect touch.

  12. Sometimes simple is always the best way to go. I think they are adorable!

  13. I think these turned-out perfectly! You did a great job by letting Sharyl's sweet birds remain the focus and supplying a lovely foundation for them to perch from!

  14. JoAnn - I think you did a great job! Sometimes the components just need to speak for themselves and have little to nothing added. You took them from their nest and made them a new home where they can sing to draw attention to themselves. Again, great job! ~Susan Anderson