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Friday, November 14, 2014

Super Duo Flowers

Earlier in the year my mom pinned on Pinterest a Youtube video for instructions to make beautiful sunflower earrings. It was a subtle hint to me that she would like a pair.
The only problem is that it was in Italian. I watched it a number of times but was not able to figure out how to get it to work.

Luckily the October 2104 issue of Bead & Button had a wonderful bracelet project called "Mums in bloom", designed by Susan Schwartzenberger. Kits are available here.

I decided to do it with all yellow flowers. To get the length I wanted I changed the connecting of the flowers.
Bracelet in progress
 The instructions use a snap as the closure but I changed it to a lovely flower shaped toggle.

 After finishing the bracelet I decided to make single flower earrings.

Now I will pack it all up and sent out to my mom. I hope that she will love it.

Happy Beading!


  1. Very pretty. I like how you connected the flowers. It makes the bracelet look light and airy.

  2. I love the Black-Eyed Susan color way! I have made a white daisy version that I love, too. I'm glad you enjoyed my design.
    Susan Schwartzenberger

  3. I should have scrolled down, oh my gosh, I love what you made for your mum! I have that issue also. subscribed because no one in town would carry B&B anymore, and my granddaughter was selling magazines for girl scouts. ;) I love how you made the earrings too. I bet she loved them. ;) awesome! I like your version of the bracelet better.

  4. I love the whole thing, earrings, bracelet flower that could be a pin on that sunflower...did you follow a pattern or have a pattern to share or was it all from the book? Love it!

    1. Bracelet is a pattern from the Oct 2014 issue of Bead & Button.