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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calendar Girl

I heard over the weekend that one of my pieces was chosen for the Toronto Bead Society's 2009 Calendar. This year the calendar is supporting Pegasus Community Project.
I am going to be Miss June with my loomworked Floral Garden Necklace.

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This is a piece I made a few years ago. I want to do a loomwork piece with no pattern. I used a seed bead mix for the woven parts. I then embellished with pressed glass flowers. To add texture to the fringe there are branches with more of the flowers and clear leaves at the bottom.

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The Toronto Bead Society will be selling calendars for $10 at the Canadian Bead Oasis show next weekend in Toronto.

I will be at the show working at the Rypan Designs booth #2231. I will be presenting some of the Rypan Designs seminars at the show.

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