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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amy Waldman Smith Box Collection

 The original inspiration set of beads by the talented Amy Waldman Smith.

The first box in the series is triangular with orange, yellow and blue. Here it is in progress back in March.

The second and third boxes are a matching set with a pair of earrings in each.
 The second has the red on the bottom. Here it is in progress again in March
 The third has the blue on the bottom. Here it is completed in December

 The fourth box was done within the last week. I finished on Tuesday night so that I could take it to Show and Tell night at the Toronto Bead Society.

Finally a much better group picture of the collection.

Thanks for the great inspiration Amy!!!


  1. Jo-Ann these are spectacular! I especially love the one with Amy's beads for the feet. What a great set :) Kudos to Amy for the great beads and the wonderful colour sense too :)

  2. Thanks Heather. It is great to have inspiration from glass artist like Amy!