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Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday - Beaded Vase

The picture of the beaded vase has been on my blog from the beginning as my avatar, but I have never blogged about it.

In 2005 Bead Junction had international bead artist River Rose in Toronto to teach some of her designs. I took the vase class because I was wanting to start beading things other than just jewellry. It uses one of my favourite stitches, ndebele (herringbone). The increases and decreases create the shape of the vase and are highlighted with the silver drop beads.

This is also my first project that used Fireline. The strength of Fireline is needed to allow for the tight tension required for the vase. I now use Fireline for all of my beaded boxes.

Unlike my beaded boxes, I have only made one vase. It might be interesting to make another. Just need to find the instructions in my beading area.

Heading off today to see the Maharaja exhibit at the AGO. Hope to be inspired by the splendour of India's Royal Court.

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