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Friday, August 10, 2012


Today was the date that semi-finalists in the Designer Style Challenge would be notified. I was very happy and surprised to get an email letting me know that I was one of 10 semi-finalist in not only one but both categories I entered.

Here is my entry in the Paper Art Catergory - Hexagonal Triangle Vase with Irises.

Paper Art Semi-finalist
Here is my entry in the Beadwork & Jewellry Design Category - Iris Twist Vase

Beadwork & Jewellry Design Semi-finalist
Now I have to get them to the Creativ Festival offices in Richmond Hill. My beaded vase is easy to pack and transport. I will need to find a way to safely and securely pack my paper art entry.

Once the entries are delivered it will be a matter of waiting until the winner and two runners up in each category are announced at the Gala on October 13.


  1. Awesome Jo-Ann! Your work is beautiful!!!

  2. Jo-Ann! Congratulations! I can't wait to see these in person. If you need a lift to the CF offices with your gorgeous creations, I can help.

  3. Woww...I love the origami flowers with the vase but this beaded vase is just amazing.
    You are very talented and I hope you win with this.