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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beaded Dragonfly

For my last Preschool Storytime of the spring I was looking for a simple but fun craft for the kids. I found an idea for a beaded caterpillar on pinterest. While it was cute, I wanted something a bit different. I came up with this beaded Dragonfly.

It tied in well with the bug stories I was able to find in the collection and the Stella and Sam episode about dragonflies.

What you need for one dragonfly - 1 Pipe cleaner (15cm), 2 pieces tissue paper (about 13cm x 6.5 cm), and 7 pony beads.
Everything is ready to make a dragonfly
Here are the steps to make your own!
Fold pipe cleaner in half and place one bead on in the center.
Twist pipe cleaner ends close to bead to secure.
Pinch tissue paper in center to create wings.
 Place between pipe cleaner ends next to twist. Twist ends again to secure wings.
Bring pipe cleaner ends together and put remaining beads over 
both ends of the pipe cleaner to form body.
All six beads are on to form body. Kids could be encouraged to create a pattern.
Fold each remaining pipe cleaner end over last bead to secure.
Here is my flight of beaded dragonflies
You could make your own flight and use them to make a mobile. You could stick it onto an adhesive magnetic strip to make a fridge magnet. 

Your dragonflies could become fireflies with the use of glow in the dark beads.

Here are my other preschool craft ideas - Valentine's Day Monster Card and Owl Puppet.

Happy beading! 


  1. Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the best soup! Love this idea!

    1. Thanks Carol. They were fun to make!