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Friday, August 15, 2014

Beaded DNA Jewel tone variation

I have made a variety of bead DNA bracelets, using seed beads and bugles, from Maria's pattern as samples for her booth. I have also made a necklace version using just seed beads.
Beaded DNA bracelet
In the spring when I last made samples for Maria I started a necklace version with metal goldtone 11s and three different jewel tone 8s. It looked like an enamaled spiral necklace. It got put aside with only a few inches done on it as I got distracted by other projects.

While I am on vacation for the next few weeks and decided that it might be a good idea to finish some of the project already started on my beading table. One of the first I came across was this Beaded DNA necklace. It took a couple of nights to get to the desired length. 

Then I had to find a goldtone closure to use. I don't usually work with goldtone so it is not something I have a great selection of. During the cleaning of my beading table I had found a ball and socket in a goldtone. It was the perfect closure for the necklace.

On to the next unfinished project.

Happy Beading!

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  1. Both are gorgeous pieces. I look forward to seeing your next unfinished project.