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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blue Rondelle Zigzig Collar

Back in 2012 I made samples of a netted zigzag collar design from Maria Rypan. It had rondelles along the edge and within the zigzag.

I also made myself a purple version to wear to a gala presentation for the Creativ Festival Designer Challenge. I used rondelles along the edge but replaced the rondelles within the zigzag with 3mm fire polished crystals.
In 2013 Maria was preparing to have the design published in Beadwork Magazine Aug/Sep 2013. I did a test run of the instructions as they would appear in the magazine. I worked with beads that I had on hand and that I would like to wear once the piece was finished.  After a few repeats I wa able to ensure that the instructions were fine. I put the sample aside until the article was published. 

Once I had the magazine in hand I did a few more repeats of the design before figuring out that I was not going to have enough rondelles for the length I wanted to make. So it got put aside yet again. I was able to get more rondelle but did not finish the necklace right away.

My summer vacation challenge to finish up some of my UFOs and the upcoming Blue Fantasy Blog Hop that I am participating in got me thinking that I should finish it.

Come back again on Saturday September 6 to see the Blue Fantasy Blog Hop Reveal.

Happy Beading!

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