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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Turtle Box

It started back in July with pictures of the boxes posted by Julia Pretl on her Facebook page with the message that the patterns would be available soon.
Julia's Turtle Boxes
Later she posted a link to her website once they were available. I quickly added them to my collection. Then I had to decide would I use Julia's colours or my own. I looked thru my delica stash and then made a trip to fav bead store. Purchased enough beads (I hope to make all three).

Once I had finished some of my unfinished projects and up coming challenge pieces I was able to look at starting one of the boxes. I decided to start with the medium turtle box is the colours Julia used.
Start of the base
I got to the point in the base where Julia suggests attaching the head and the feet. My problem was that I did not have a crystal for the head in the suggested size (15 mm). So I put the base aside and started on the shell lid.
Start of the shell lid
As I was working on the shell I thought about other things that I could use for the head and feet. I decided to look in my drawer full of lampwork beads to see if anything would work. I found a wonderful bead that has some of the browns in it. I also had some teardrop beads from Unicorne Beads that would work for feet.

So it was back to the base to attach the head with a spacer from Unicorne for the neck. I had to play with what bead to use for the turn around. A simple seed bead was too small, crystal did not sit in place the way I would like, so I used a drop bead. Looks like a nose on the turtle.
Head and feet added to the base
Feet up view
Once the head and feet were attached I completed the base. I love using Julia's new method for starting the hem. It is much easier to get the beads on the inside of the box.

With the base completed it was back to the shell lid. This was a challenge as it has to be worked in such a way that it will accomodate the head. I had to undo a row and a half once I realized that I had misread the instructions.

Here is the finished shell lid.

Three views of the finished turtle.
Head on view

Side view 1
Side view 2
I started the box on August 24 and finished it last night (August 29).  The next two should go a bit smoother now that I have a better understanding of the design. Just need to find heads for a small and large turtle. I have enough of the tear drops to use for feet.

Hope to have a family of turtles completed soon.

Happy Beading!


  1. Hi Jo-Ann

    Wow, what for a great work. I'm very great fan of these boxes.